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Audio Editors

Sound Forge is an excellent application for audio editing. It is known as one of the most professional programs of the market, allowing to capture a great number of users who enjoy its quality .

Although the usage is quite complicated for amateur users, if you have had some kind of experience with this kind of software, you will see that you will learn to dominate it in short time.

Sound Forge allows to synchronize audio and video, making it possible to accommodate the timing using photograms to be very precise. Uncountable effects, filters and tools make it super complete for any kind of work you do, whether it is a modification, the mastering or the creation of new pieces.

With Sound Forge you can use different tracks, have the control of different channels, alter each of them separately and apply different characteristics, making it possible to obtain excellent results.

Trial version limitations:

- You can only use it for 30 days.